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HATO BV - Thank you CAHE 2015

CAHE 2015 – China

We will be participating in the CAHE 2015 – CHINA event and would like to invite you to visit our stand (5D52, 5D53 & 5D54). China Animal Husbandry Expo, known as CAHE around the world, held from May 18-20 but in different cities every year, is the largest livestock show in Asia! It’s free to visitors and open from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. We hope to see you there!

Hato - CAHE 2015

Hato Galli-Luxmeter

Hato Galli-Luxmeter

Poultry reacts differently to light than people. The visible spectrum is wider, poultry is tetra chromate, they see besides the primary colors: blue, green and red an extra peak in the ultraviolet range. Poultry also reacts on light that does not enter the eye.

Our price winning new Hato Galli-Luxmeter represents the first and unique integrated photometer. It measures light according to the higher spectral sensitivity of birds. It delivers a reliable measurement and advanced on-board technologies, as well as simplicity and ease of use.

The Hato Galli-Luxmeter measures, unlike ordinary luxmeters, light intensity as chickens and other poultry perceive it. The measured Gallilux value is always higher than or equal to the Lux value. Gallilux is the light intensity measured as poultry perceive. Chickens are very sensitive to light, and the Galli-Luxmeter can measure light like chickens and other poultry perceive it.

These facts are especially important with the today’s new light sources. The conventional bulbs emit light mainly in the red to infrared range, the peak of the spectrum for the LED lights however, is more in the blue range. Regular lux meters do not give information that correspond to the vision sensitivity of the poultry. With the Hato Galli-Luxmeter, you now can accurately measure and define the correct light levels. It contributes to lighting the houses corresponding to the animal welfare requirements.

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Integrating Sphere

Integrating Sphere Hato BV

Innovation is key at Hato BV. Know-how is our key factor and innovation is the cornerstone of our success. It is our unified strategy and our common direction to stay ahead of our competition.

The numbers tell the tale and that is why we choose to invest in an integrating sphere: a device for measurement on light bulbs and small lamps. With this technique we can perform in-house measurements that result in steadily improving lamps.

Each application has different demands; this sphere boosts our innovation to a higher level. This allows us to respond even better to the needs of our customers.