Agricultural house lighting is

an essential part of your

housing equipment

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Agricultural lighting

Complete housing equipment includes a feeding system, drinking system, ventilation system and heating system. Livestock housing is not fully equipped without high-performance poultry house lighting.  Lighting in livestock housing ensures that the animals can make the best possible use of their environment. When a house is well-lit, the feeding lines, nipple drinkers and entire housing system are used to their best advantage. Perfect lighting makes for the best possible use of the house and leads to optimal animal performance and high levels of animal welfare.  



Stable Lighting

Without good lighting in the house, the animals cannot behave naturally. This can lead to stress which can cause undesirable behaviour such as tail biting, pecking and cannibalism. Poor animal health and performance are possible consequences of this undesirable behaviour.


Good housing equipment

Good housing equipment meets the following requirements: the feeding and drinking systems are functional and easily accessible, the ventilation and heating systems create an optimal climate and the housing system is right for the category of animal. Animals respond best to their environment when lighting with the right light spectrum, proper intensity and the right quality for livestock housing is chosen. 

With the right type of lighting in livestock housing, animals receive signals from the world around them and make best use of the facilities and equipment in the house.