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Optimal performances in the farrowing house partially depend on the environmental factors during the gestation period. The gestation period, specifically the first 30 days, is vital for proper implantation of eggs and early embryos. One of the most important, influential environmental factors is light.

Good lighting enables sows to recognise their environment, which makes it easier for them to find feed and water. Being able to recognise other sows is very important as well. This calms the sows, which is also crucial during this production phase. This will ultimately lead to improved performances in the farrowing house.

Correct lighting is important to ensure a good social relationship between pen-mates, especially in group housing systems which are becoming more popular. In conventional housing systems, light is also a valuable factor, as pigs are calmer when they have better vision.

Traditional housing

Traditional housing systems have specific lighting requirements during the gestation period. Providing the right light climate will boost sow performances.


Group housing

In group housing, social interaction and feed and water intake are very important. Positioning the lights properly will contribute to all these factors during the gestation period.