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During the growing phase, and especially immediately after weaning, it is important to properly stimulate growers. In the weaning phase, piglets are very vulnerable, as they are separated from the sows and no longer have access to milk. Early feed intake is of vital importance to reduce or even prevent weaning dip. Light can play an important role here.

By providing the correct light climate, piglets can explore their environment better and find feed and water more easily. This is very important in the early growing phase. An appropriate lighting climate stimulates a faster feed intake post-weaning, leading to increased feed intake. This will contribute to healthy growers and an optimal feed conversion rate.

Piglets in the nursery are usually housed in either small or large groups. Group housing means it is important that their vision is good as this encourages social interactions in the group, which in turn leads to calmer piglets. Calm piglets are more comfortable about exhibiting their natural behaviour.


Conventional housing system

Growers are conventionally kept in small or large groups. The focus is on feed  and water intake: light can significantly improve both.