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Laying hens

The performance of laying hens depends greatly on the available animal housing equipment. Optimizing the light climate, an important aspect of animal housing equipment, improves the performance of laying hens. Light encourages the layer and regulates its biological clock and biorhythm. Light stimulates the feed intake and the laying hens behaviour and thereby contributes to the layer's welfare.



The light climate only stimulates the hen when it is perfectly adapted to the type of housing in question. The most common forms of housing for laying hens are traditional cages, which are prohibited in Europe, enriched cages, colony housing and aviary systems. Each of these forms of poultry housing requires a specific form of animal housing equipment and therefore a lighting system that suits the layer's needs.

(Enriched) cages - Colony housing

As a result of the ban on traditional cages, the enriched cage and colony housing have been developed. Both require a specific type of lighting.



A combination of a cage system with a floor system such as the aviary is divided into activity and resting areas which need different lighting.