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To prepare the rearers used for hens, broiler breeder parent stock and layer breeders for the best possible productive period, the birds must first be reared. 

During rearing, good management and housing lead to good growth and sexual development. Lighting is an important tool for managing this process and crucial to create the very best conditions in the house.  Rearers: hens, broiler breeder parent stock and layer breeders all begin their rearing period as chicks. During rearing, it is important they adapt well to their new environment. For example, chicks need to find water and feed quickly. 

Rearing laying hens

During rearing of laying hens, it is important to have the best possible equipment so that good-quality laying hens can be delivered to the layer producer. House lighting is an important aspect of this equipment.


Rearing layer parent stock

When rearing layer parent stock, it is important to optimise the housing equipment so that good parent stock can be delivered to the producer. To achieve this, it is essential to optimise the housing equipment.


Broiler breeder rearing

During rearing, broiler breeder chicks destined to become parent stock need to reach the correct weight. Lighting is used to promote sexual maturity in the birds.