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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’. Below, you can find the questions, our customers asked most. Can’t you find your question? Don’t hesitate and get in touch with us.

Laying hens

Layer: Why is lighting important in a layer house?

Layer: What colour temperature is needed in a layer house?


Broilers: Why is an even light spread important in broiler houses?

Broiler: Is lighting needed if there are daylight air inlets placed in a broiler house?

Broiler: A combination of blue and green light improves production: is this true?


Breeders: Can light prevent floor eggs in breeder facilities?

Breeders: What light program ensures optimal production?

Breeders: What kind of light is necessary in a broiler breeder house?


Rearing: Is a warm white colour temperature needed in rearing houses?

Rearing: Why is dimming an important management tool in rearing houses?


Pigs: Do pigs really need lighting?

Pigs: Does ammonia affect the lights?

Pigs: Can a LED daylight system decrease the weaning dip?

Pigs: What is the added value of UV in the light spectrum?


Mushrooms: Why does mushroom lighting need a high IP rate?

Mushrooms: Why are powerful and efficient lights needed in mushroom houses?


Cattle: Does light really improve milk production in dairy cattle?

Cattle: Do cows see red light?


Other: Can light improve rabbit production?

Other: Can quails benefit from good light management?

Other: Why do minks need light?

Other: Can turkey production improve by proper light management?

Other: Ducks eat at night, do they still need light?


Poultry: Why is lighting important in poultry production?

Poultry: Does a chicken see colour?

Poultry: Does it matter whether a chicken is held in LED or in traditional lighting?