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24/48VDC tubular LED lighting

The BUBO: a tubular LED agricultural lighting solution, that is applicable to enriched cage housing and aviaries. For enriched cage housing, the BUBO makes sure the lighting inside the cage is balanced and just at the right spot. For aviaries, the BUBO provides appropriate lighting inside the system to stimulate good feed and water intake. It is a 0-100% dimmable, flickerfree lighting solution to ensure animal welfare.

To stimulate customer satisfaction, the BUBO is a safe (24VDC/48VDC), high quality, reliable, energy efficient and easy to install (plug & play) lighting solution.

This product is available in warm white, amber, blue and green. If you would like to know more, please get in touch with us here.


BUBO UNV-LTL-0.9M-AM-1.7W UNV-LTL-1.8M-AM-3.0W UNV-LTL-0.9M-WW-2.3W UNV-LTL-1.8M-WW-4.6W
Voltage 24VDC 24VDC  24VDC 24VDC
Power consumption 1.49W 2.95W 2.3W 4.61W
Light output 58lm 116lm 210lm 420lm
Dim range 0-100% 0-100% 0-100% 0-100%
Expected average lifetime 50.000h 50.000h 50.000h 50.000h
IP rating IP67 IP67 IP67 IP67












An overview of the BUBO accessories can be found here.


  • 0 - 100% dimmable
  • Flickerfree
  • Energy efficient
  • IP67 rated
  • Easy to install
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