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96VDC E27 lighting

The WOW is the ideal retrofit solution to change a traditionally lighted house into a modern and efficient LED lighted house. This 96VDC HATO product provides the correct light spectrum, dim range and IP67 level (enables easy cleaning) to answer today’s needs of poultry houses.

The WOW has a proper lightspectrum. Since poultry is very sensitive to light - and specific wavelengths in particular -  HATO ensures that every colour is being represented proportionally. 

It is perfect for retrofit broiler- and layer houses; the full warm white light spectrum is very pleasing for the sensitive eye of the chicken. Unlike many competitive LED bulbs the WOW is flicker-free. Even though humans won’t notice; a flickering light will be very stressful for the chickens.

This lamp is engineered with one thing in mind; to be a great lighting solution that will meet the high demands of a poultry house.

The WOW is available in warm white and cold white. The best colour to apply depends on the type of animals in the house. 

The WOW warm white is also available in an ultraviolet version. By adding UV to the warm white light, the chicken’s view will improve, leading to better behaviour, higher welfare and improved performances. 


  • Voltage: 96VDC
  • Power consumption: 7W
  • Light output: 800 lumen
  • Dim range: 0-100%
  • Expected average lifetime: 35.000h
  • IP rating: IP67
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