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PULSA: Hy-Line Australia & Lohmann Layers Australia

Testimonial created on: 01/08/2017

At HATO Agricultural Lighting we love to get positive feedback from our customers and let’s be honest; who doesn’t? One of our beloved clients sent us a heartwarming e-mail all the way from the other side of the world saying that he is very pleased with his new lighting system. There is a dramatic (positive) difference in the lighting, especially the light distribution.


“Your lights have even coverage with no dark spots and minimum shadowing. I can confidently say that we will be proceeding with installing these lights in all our current sheds as well as the possibility of any future planned sheds.” Tim Lawry, Electrician at Hy-Line Australia,  says.


Hy-Line Australia are redesigning their sheds because they weren’t satisfied with the old light distribution results; too many dark spots which will lead to clustering. Clustering causes smothering which leads to increased mortality. An even light distribution prevents chickens from clustering and stimulates a uniform growth. HATO lamps also provide a more balanced light spectrum than normal CCFL which causes lower stress levels in the flock.

At HATO BV we always find a perfect lighting solution. We secure the best light distribution due to proper lighting management. At HATO BV we think with you.

For more information please contact our sales department or our application specialist.